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Hiring Process

People are the key differentiators of a successful business strategy & therefore Jumbo is committed to attracting, motivating & retaining candidates of the highest caliber & potential. The process is intended to provide the basis for a systematic and consistent approach to recruitment and selection in order to attract, select and retain capable & motivated staff, and to ensure that appointments are made on merit through open competition and a fair and equitable selection process.

The process also seeks to integrate the profile of the employees being recruited with the business objectives as well as seeks to synchronize their fitment with the culture of the organization. Given the Company’s thrust on capability building & Competence development, the Resourcing framework would largely concentrate on sourcing “competencies” rather than people.

The online job application process is easy and takes no more than the time you will take to read this page.

Application Process

Once you’ve identified a vacancy that suits your profile and requirements, please fill up the online application:

The 5-10 minute application process is as follows:

1. Register yourself by creating a user id and password.

2. Fill in your basic personal, qualification and experience details.

3. Upload your CV.

4. Click on ‘submit’

Interview Process

If your CV is Shortlisted, the interview process in most cases happens at two levels.

  • Overseas Candidates: HR in consultation with the hiring Division constitutes an interview panel, which conducts interviews of overseas short-listed candidates in their respective countries. Candidates are informed interview details either directly by HR or through the Agency.

  • UAE based Candidates: All Shortlisted applicants are interviewed by an Interview Panel consisting of a Manager from HR and a Management representative from the hiring Division.

    • The first level interviews are conducted by an HR Representative - which focuses on your CV, Career Aspirations and Expectations from the company. It would also give you an understanding of whether or not the company is best suited to meet your career goals. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions you may have about life at Jumbo and role details.
    • The second interview is the technical or management interview. This meeting will help analyze your technical and/or management skills in line with what the vacancy demands.

On boarding

If you are selected for a role with Jumbo, you will receive an email offer detailing terms and conditions of employment and confirming the salary and benefits. On accepting the offer, we will then work together to ensure we can arrange a suitable start date and get all the paperwork in order for travel and visas, to give you the assistance you need to get settled in.

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