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Jumbo - A Great Place to Work!

    Jumbo Great Place
    Jumbo Great Place
    Jumbo Great Place
    Jumbo Great Place
  • At Jumbo professionalism takes on a different meaning. 33% of our Managers are Management Graduates and 23% are Engineering Graduates.

  • Young Managers are encouraged to take up cross functional projects where they learn to take accountability for results, all the while learning about business and functions other than their own.

  • At Jumbo you join a young organization. 42% of our 1200 strong work force are 30 yrs and below.

  • At Jumbo, Senior Managers act as mentors to guide you through your first years in the corporate world and help you succeed as star jumboites.

  • Buddies within the organization - peers, seniors ... all help enrich the quality of your work life. You work a five-day week because at Jumbo we care about your work-life balance.

  • Every year Jumbo infuses new talent, an average of 15 - 20 bright fresh graduates.

  • Bringing in fresh ideas, new blood who will be groomed to be leaders for tomorrow.

  • You will be part of Jumbo's ambitious international growth plans offering you career opportunities and challenges in various parts of the world.

  • At Jumbo you take responsibility from the word go and young managers are empowered to take on challenges that make them leaders.

  • Jumbo believes in learning and development of individuals. Regular reviews and feedback ensure high quality of learning.

  • Jumbo follows an open door policy. Openness, Transparency and Approachability are the cornerstones of our management style.

  • At Jumbo, you are encouraged to challenge convention, question status quo and bring about change in the world you work in.

  • Diverse fields ranging from Consumer Electronics Retail to Software Solutions will provide young managers like you with a multitude of career options.

  • Technology is the core of business processes at Jumbo. A state-of-the-art ERP makes our decision-making and business information systems one of the best in the industry.

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