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Customer Support - 800JUMBO(58626)
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Welcome to the Jumbo Online Contact Center!

Please click on any of the below links to write to us.

All queries will be answered promptly. Thank you for your interest in Jumbo Electronics

Trade & Business Partnership
Jumbo Contact If you are interested in buying bulk from us, or seeking a business partnership
Please Click Here
Corporate Inquiry
Jumbo ContactDo you represent an organisation? We have a dedicated team to handle your queries.
Please Click Here to contact the team
Complaints ?
Jumbo ContactNot satisfied with the product you purchased from us? Unhappy about the kind of service we rendered?
Please let us know
Jumbo ContactEver thought , something we did, could have been done better?
Please let us know about it
Corporate Communications
Jumbo ContactSponsorships, events or advertising. If you require more information about us, than what this website speaks.
Please Click Here
Jumbo ContactIf your feedback does not fall in any of the above categories,
Please Click Here
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