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Enterprise Sales & Solutions Group

Network Passive Infrastructure

We are one of the experts in network cabling installation Jumbo team has installed cable plant in the Middle East and Africa for almost any type of application. Through our installations we have enabled Voice, video, data, security and wireless applications

Our cabling solution provides a total premise needs. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Initial needs assessment
  • Site Surveys
  • Complex Network / System Design
  • Cabling Installation
  • Testing
  • Moves/Adds/Changes

Network Active Infrastructure & Security

Jumbo has the expertise to design and commission networks of any size to support any applications needed for the client. By devising an evolutionary plan to upgrade, consolidate or improve both the performance and operational cost of the network. This plan will help in realizing the potential value of an integrated IP implementation.
 The network solution caters to customer needs with return on investment and justifiable cost of owner ship. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Network Strategy and planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Network architecture and design
  • Operations Assessment
  • Vendor selection
  • Process improvement
  • NOC design
  • Performance planning
  • Local area network deployment
  • Wide area network deployment


We offer voice and video solution based on customer requirement. Our solutions include legacy PABX to the upcoming trend of VoIP and the latest Video on demand solutions.
Voice/Video-over-IP (VoIP), is a technology that has been around for some years, is now a mature and stable technology that is the cornerstone of the convergence revolution. VoIP/video on demand devices are replacing traditional phone systems in businesses and enabling much cheaper communication between branch offices and even to the outside world. Our VoIP/ Vedio on demand service provide a quick and affordable way for organizations of all sizes including SMB to get all the benefits of this technology.
Some of our services are as follows

  • Cost Beneficial Analysis
  • Digital and Analog PABX
  • Video over IP
  • Video on demand
  • IP TV


Unauthorized access, disclosure of confidential information, terrorist attacks, the proliferation of the Internet today, more deadly viruses today pose unprecedented challenges to an organisation today. 
Safeguarding your IT and information assets, as well as protecting the privacy of the people with whom you do business, has become critical with the increased use of shared applications, networks and data brought about by the growth of partnerships and collaboration.
To ensure your total security, Jumbo offers a range of solutions that addresses key areas:

  • Security strategy planning
  • Architecture and Design
  • Operational Assessment
  • Firewall
  • IDS
  • Routers and Switches
  • VPN Devices
  • Network management systems
  • AAA solutions
  • Antivirus

Datacenter, Servers & Storage

Data centre and Storage solutions help organisations manage their information lifecycle, while reducing the risk of IT disruptions, and minimising cost and complexity. Our partnerships with leading technology vendors, coupled with in-depth familiarity with the products, position us as a leading provider of Data Centre and Storage solutions.

Data Centre Assessment
s an assessment and consultancy service for understanding an organisation’s environment in order to provide a customised data centre infrastructure. They include Server Survey, Storage Survey, Backup Survey and Application & Data Profiling.

An over-provisioning of servers and storage resources can create management problem. The resulting server sprawl is costly in terms of capital and people needed to operate, manage, and upgrade new server. We also help customer’s used the unused processing power that is already available in there current datacenters. To address these needs jumbo offer the following services:

Server Virtualisation – Offers comprehensive virtualisation, management, resource optimisation, application availability, and operational automation in a single solution.

Storage Tiering and Consolidation – Helps organisations manage the cost of storage by prioritising data.

Branch Office Data Consolidation – Effectively achieves data consolidation in a central data centre, thus removing the risks associated with storing corporate information in branch offices.

An organisation’s ability to continue its business operations after a disaster often depends on how well it protects its information. Jumbo’s consulting-based approach and makes knowledge-based recommendations to help companies adhere to regulatory guidelines on uptime and continuity.
Jumbo offers the following Data Center Services,

  • Consult Services
  • Datacenter design and architecture
  • Build Services
  • Operational Assessment
  • Managed Services
  • Storage Area Network
  • Servers
  • Disk Storage System
  • Network attached System
  • Archival Solutions
  • Backup solutions
  • Disaster recovery solution.

Enterprise Management

The business values of an organization are often never monitored, with the help of Enterprise Management monitoring and managing all IT Infrastructure components. Enterprise Management solutions can be used to focus on both IT Infrastructure and its interdependencies. Enterprise Management also can help in aligning the organizational objectives and its offerings. It can also help in streamlining the IT infrastructure, processes and service management standards. It can also help companies to handle business and IT challenges opened up through strategic mergers and acquisitions.
Some of the management services we offer are as follows:

  • Server Management
  • Network Management
  • Storage Management
  • Database Management
  • Service desk Management
  • Application Management
  • Web Service Management


 In today’s world access anything anywhere is the trend forward, we at jumbo design solution and deploys solutions based on workforce mobility and design infrastructure based on this. We have deployed solutions applying technologies such as smart cards, RFIDs, cell phones, PDAs, GSM, GPRS, embedded solutions and custom designed industry-specific problems.
Some of the services we offer are as follows

  • Remote workforce services
  • Intrusion detection
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Push email
  • Infrastructure resource management

IT Relocation Services

Relocation of data centers /IT equipments is one of the biggest challenges in today’s fast-changing multi-vendor mission-critical environments, Some of the present challenges that organizations face are mission-critical systems, extremely tight down-time requirements, multiple vendor environments, phased-approach relocations, distance, etc. We in jumbo provide solutions that overcome these challenges with minimal impact on the end user with proven technical capabilities.

Some of the services we offer are as follows

  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Business case study and development
  • Relocation service
  • Packing service
  • Transportation service
  • Layover service
  • Coordination
  • Equipment leasing
  • Data Replication & Archival
  • Data Migration
  • Recertification service

Network & Desktop Outsourcing Services

NDOS is popular among corporates as it allows them to outsource the non-critical, basic support services of
their IT operation. Jumbo is the leader in NDOS market in UAE and provides SLA based various delivery and service options as means by organizations to manage costs and avoid committing resources to 'mundane' tasks in IT operation.

Some of the Key Services offered are

  • Frame Contracts for delivery and support
  • Help Desk provisioning
  • Desktop Management Service
  • System Provisioning


Messaging Services

 Jumbo’s Messaging Solutions offer feature flexibility so you can create and bundle a variety of services from simple call answering and voice messaging to advanced, real-time, multimedia messaging. Users can access, retrieve and manage all their messages from a single mailbox using a wireline or mobile phone, a PC, or mobile device.
Some of the services we offer are as follows

  •  Analog/Digital PAPX Based Solution
  •  Email solutions
  •  Unified Messaging
  •  Wireless Push Technology
  •  Message/Data Collection systems
  •  Messaging archival solution

Facilities Management

As your strategic technology and business partner, we help you add value to your IT infrastructure and maximise returns on investment (ROI) with a structured, multi-step methodology Maintaining and supporting all aspects of the IT infrastructure.
Our Services include:

  • Help Desk Support.
  • Maintaining External Supplier Relations.
  • Server administration and management for NT, Novell and UNIX Workstation 
  • Desktop administration and management,
  • Disaster planning, prevention, and recovery,
  • Anti-virus Solutions,
  • Data backup and recovery.
Patch Management and Software Update Management
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Our Partners

Why Jumbo - ESD?
Strong Services & Solutions Organization
 Diversified portfolio of offerings
 Good Reputation in Enterprise Projects
 Award-wining partner of different principals
 Largest Skill-Set in several technologies
 Largest Thinkpad University Program in Middle East
  Largest Laptop Seller in the Middle East
  Monthly Service volume > 2800 Laptops units
  Best Microsoft Partner Growth
 Strong client base
 Successful track record for many years
 Countrywide support: across all emirates
 Availability of expert professionals
 Certified in various aspects of  like network design, implementation and support, enterprise management, firewalls, information security, ERP, Business Intelligence, Microsoft Technologies etc.
 Alliances with industry leading OEMs to provide international standard solutions and services to its customers
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