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Dear Customer,

At Jumbo Electronics Company Ltd. LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Jumbo"), we believe our online visitors have a right to know what information we collect when you visit our Website. We value our relationship and the data you share with us from time to time. Jumbo is totally committed to maintaining this data with the utmost of confidentiality. If you have any questions about our practices, you can contact us through Jumbo Contact center.

What Information Do We Collect and How Do We Use It? 
For registered visitors to a Jumbo Website, our Web server, on specific occasions, recognizes and stores the visitor's IP address. This is used only as a support feature to  ensure our customer's identity.  Your computer provides this information automatically each time you log on, unless you've activated blocking technology available in some browsers. We also may combine your IP with other information you provide us like your e-mail address. You provide this information when, for example, send us an e-mail, fill out a registration, answer a survey, complete a fulfillment order or sign up for a site newsletter. Data collected during your visit to a Jumbo Website is used for internal review and may be used to improve or customize the Website content or layout and/or notify consumers about updates.

Safeguarding with strict confidentiality
While we register users, to enable us to provide you with our various products and/or services, we ask you to provide us with your information. Your information and records described above (hereinafter referred to as the "Information") will be stored and maintained in our database only and will be kept in confidence by us.  We will safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information our customers share with us. We will permit only authorized Jumbo employees, who are trained in the proper handling of customer information, to have access to that information.

Jumbo, on your acceptance, may send regular updates and news via e-mail to you, with an intention of keeping you updated of the latest happenings. If you have any questions about materials you receive, you can send an e-mail to the above address. As we upgrade our Website technology, we are committed to providing you with the opportunity to access and modify your record and select personal preferences. 

How is information made useful?
We intend to use the Information only for the purpose of (1) fulfilling our obligations under any sale and purchase contract and/or any other contract between you and our company, (2) rendering services related to our business such as warranty or after sales services, (3) providing you with our latest product information and other related information from time to time, and/or (4) asking your opinions regarding our products and/or services.

Please note that you are given options with respect to whether you agree to the foregoing collection, storage, use and disclosure of the Information by our company, by choosing whether to submit the Information or not. If you submit the Information to our company, this shall be deemed as your consent and agreement to these policies regarding the collection, storage, use and disclosure of the Information by our company. Although it is not obligatory for you to provide the Information to our company, failure to do so may result in our company being unable to sell our products and/or provide certain services including after sales services to you.

Need to contact us? Don't hesitate.
If you would like to inspect, correct, update or delete the Information stored in our database, or if you would like to stop receiving further marketing materials from us, or if you have any question or comment about our privacy policies, please contact us. Please be advised that our company is not responsible for collection, disclosure and/or use of your personal information provided by you to any third party's web site which is linked to or from our web site. Your access to such linked site, and your providing personal information to such linked web site, are entirely at your own risk.

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