Success Stories

JumboForce: Empowering du’s Last Mile Support


du is one of the two telecom services providers in the UAE serving over 9 million customers. Due to large scale of its operations, the telecom operator makes use of its premium partners to run its retail operations and generate revenue.


With Jumbo’s expertise and excellent sales record, du’s franchise operations contract powered by Jumbo was awarded to the group which entailed transitioning 200 existing staff from du’s own stores to across 20+ store locations of Jumbo. The transition was to be done without any downtime or service disruptions.

The Jumbo advantage:

The mere scale of this transition was immense and presented its own challenge. However, each task was tackled through effective and open communication by JumboForce’s team. The team’s expertise was particularly visible in its expert negotiations with the employees. This was followed by systematic evaluation exercises and debriefings. New employees were hired simultaneously to avoid any disruptions to the massive scale of operations. Jumboforce’s high quality services ensured a seamless onboarding process which facilitated the smooth functioning of the telecom provider during this period.


The transition process was successfully completed within a record period of 90 days. With the success of this transition, Jumbo was able to increase the number of its store location and have a positive impact on the overall business. Efficient management of staff has led to an improvement in their productivity and reduction in attrition.