Success Stories

du appoints Jumbo to support its compliance initiative


The TRA Mandate

du is one of the largest companies in the UAE and the region. Therefore, it always enjoys innovation, leadership and ability to adapt with the market requirements. These qualities were demonstrated by complying to the mandate of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) regarding SIM card e-registration. The mandate required the electronic registration and activation of all new and existing mobile SIM cards, to cut down on cases of fraud and criminal activity.

The TRA wanted to make sure that the people buying the SIM cards are the people behind the original ID which they are carrying. Between 2012 and 2014, the ‘My Number, My Identity’ campaign was rolled out across the UAE to spread awareness about the new mandate, and existing customers were instructed to visit du shops and authorized partner outlets to update their details using the e-system, similarly with new customers.

Point of Sale Solution:

Following the announcement of the mandate, du invited various vendors and selected Jumbo Enterprise for HP Mobile POS Solutions.

Jumbo rolled out approximately 4,000 devices at Du, across 3,000 locations in the UAE. One of the attractive features of the Point of Sale (POS) solution was the quick time to market. With Jumbo’s expertise, du was able to lead the execution of the electronic registration process.


Jumbo deployed a customized solution that is designed to meet du’s requirement to comply with the TRA’s mandate. The ideal device needed to be sturdy, able to cope with the varying high temperatures in the UAE and have a large battery life, so the selling process wasn’t impacted.

Jumbo’s project management skills, include managing various technologies like point of sale hardware, Emirates ID card integration, bio metrics, passport reader and multifunction printers.

Prior to the implementation of this solution, du’s process included meeting with the customer to take all the details manually, followed by a check on the identity in their back office and then activating the line for the customer leading to delays of several days. With the Mobile POS solution implemented by Jumbo, du can now achieve all the above on the spot in a matter of minutes, thereby improving its customer service as well revenue generation significantly.

With the POS solution installed by Jumbo, customers don’t need to walk a huge distance to reach a du store. They can meet a du reseller who will be able to log into the portal and start activating connections immediately, updating information on the go. This has enabled du to incorporate many value-added services onto the devices, including bill payment facilities, reducing costs and diverting traffic from its stores to a more online environment.