Success Stories

Abu Dhabi Airports Company selects Jumbo for Managed Print Services


Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), operators of Abu Dhabi airports, approached Jumbo to manage and maintain its fleet of more than 1200 printers. Due to growing printing and copying requirements, ADAC required innovative solutions to optimize its printer infrastructure.


ADAC’s current printer infrastructure presented several challenges. Having purchased printers from different vendors separately, tracing maintenance history and warranty status was complicated. The printers required to be physically moved each time users shifted their location. Purchasing printing consumables was a challenging task as there was no centralized purchase system in place and most of purchased made were for outdated models. Lack of planned purchases caused long downtimes while supplies were replenished, and support agreements were traced. Terminals where a functional printer was critical for daily operations, frequently faced unpredictable downtimes. Failure of printer’s servers affected the smooth functioning of operations. Lastly, support requests for printing issues were a significant part of IT’s workload and was overwhelming the department’s functioning.


To avoid inefficiencies due to printer breakdowns, ADAC sought a single vendor to manage and maintain its devices and provide ongoing onsite support that covers devices from multiple brands.

Other specific requirements are maintaining all current devices from different brands, replacement of devices when needed, availability of printing supplies onsite, availability of onsite engineers on demand.

Additionally, ADAC required a printer support helpdesk, 24-hours support covering operations at critical terminals, as well as tracked costing system and SLA of 99% on call response and resolution.

Jumbo’s Managed Print Solutions:

Following a highly contested bidding process, Jumbo was awarded the maintenance contract. An agreement based on click charges (price per print) was proposed that will cover the costs of consumables, software/tools, and onsite support required to manage the devices centrally.

To optimize the onsite printer’s infrastructure, a physical assessment helped accurately determine the number of devices and other assets. ADAC’s internal CRM was also updated to reflect the devices locations and status. A round the clock helpdesk comprising five engineers was established to provide support. To avoid any delays due to lack of consumables, a supply process forecasting the needs was established. A dedicated van with access to entire ADAC premises ensured that supplies were delivered instantly. A device management software was installed to monitor devices status and flag the operator for any support. While a print management software was implemented to track printing jobs per user.

Experience with Jumbo:

Printing is a critical element in ADAC’s operations, therefore they required a single vendor who can provide onsite support and maintenance and is able to manage our large and multi-brand fleet of devices. Jumbo’s long track record and expertise in asset tracking and handling unpredictable printer downtimes helped ADAC utilize their printers’ infrastructure to its full potential. So far, 900 devices have been deployed at ADAC premises.


The implemented print management software with authenticated printing facilitated the Head Office to reduce their print costs substantially. Devices requiring high maintenance were replaced with energy saving and cost-efficient alternatives at terminal areas that necessitate high-usage. A single comprehensive software allowed to track costs and allocate it accordingly to each subsidiary. This allowed the management to bill each department accordingly.

ADAC now has renewed the contract thanks to Jumbo’s excellent support system, cost-effective solutions and accomplished success.