Success Stories

Jumbo Distribution unveils the Sony Bravia lineup


From electronics to entertainment, and more, Sony is the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics. While launching their new Bravia TV range, Sony approached Jumbo Distribution to access major retailers and hypermarkets in the UAE.


Product visibility was the key for Sony as its consumers usually purchased televisions based on its visual appeal. Therefore, to launch its innovative range of Bravia televisions, it was vital to have visual perspectives of where the product will be placed. This helped in planning where the products will be placed and negotiating with retailers for prime space.

Finding the right partner:

To successfully launch its new range, Sony required access to major retailers and methodological placement of its products. To ensure high visibility, Jumbo distribution adopted a Planogram centric methodology. This comprised of executing a display audit of more than 100 stores in the UAE and compiling a visual map of each store. With a visual perspective in hand, Sony and Jumbo were able to manage supply chain by determining: maximum number of unit placements at each store and additional spaces that needed to be acquired.


Armed with the visual data and an informed decision, Jumbo was able to implement the new range with a score of 99%. Close relationships with suppliers also bolstered the quality of implementation and generated additional value to the customers.